13th Oct.1999
releases first public betas of lightgun FPS mods!

    Today marks the first public beta release of glitter's lightgun enabled GUN! mods under the RIL banner. The mods, designed for Quake2 and Half-Life, specifically include support for the ACT LABS GS PC lightgun system.

The flagship, 'gl.tter's Q2GunFrenzy!', features a finely tuned and highly stylised single-player 'arcade' experience, as well as standard Quake2 single-player gameplay with lightgun support and a 'Stress Relief' gun mode.

The mod borrows numerous features from glitter's Q2Deathtrap, a mod that, whilst never publically announced, built a devoted underground following during the year it was developed and available to play on-line.

Although the mod is designed for GS lightgun equipped players only, anyone can download and view the included demos to see first-hand how lightguns can be used to revolutionise first-person-shooter games.

The Half-Life mod 'gl.tter's HL-GUN!-' consists of largely unmodified standard Half-Life gameplay, but features single and multi-player lightgun support, making on-line lightgun games possible for the first time. Players or server operators are able to run HL-GUN!- servers that allow for a mix of both lightgun equipped and traditional mouse/joystick players, an experiment that looks set to generate a lot of interest in the FPS community.

Both mods are available now as 'mostly feature-complete' public betas at http://gl.tter.org. These versions are meant for sneak previewing and beta testing, and should not be downloaded by all but the most tech-savvy of end-users. Final releases are expected soon.

Web Authors: a pack containing glitter's animated logo for linking to the - glitterstream - web site is available here (other graphics are available on request).

glitter can be contacted on gl@gl.tter.org.


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