releases Quake2 lightgun mod  'gl.tter's Q2GUNFRENZY!'  v1.0

gl.tter's Q2GUNFRENZY!, released today in version 1.0  under the >RIL_ banner, is the first ever lightgun enabled First-Person-Shooter game.

Written specifically for the ACT LABS GS PC lightgun system, it features a finely tuned and highly stylised Quake2 single-player 'Arcade Mode', as well as standard Quake2 gameplay with GS lightgun support and 'Stress Relief' mode.

The mod borrows numerous features from glitter's gl.tter's Q2Deathtrap!, a Quake2 mod that, whilst never publically announced, built a devoted underground following during the year it was developed and available to play on-line.

Although the GS system is required to play, anyone can download and view the included demos to see first-hand how lightguns can be used to revolutionise First-Person-Shooter games.

Full details (including screenshots, glitter's notes about the mod's origin etc.) are now on-line at the GUNFRENZY! web site.

Web Authors:

please always link to http://gl.tter.org rather than the Frenzy site directly.

a pack containing glitter's animated logo for linking to the - glitterstream - web site is available here (other graphics are available on request).

A second lightgun mod for Half-Life is currently in beta (this can also be found at the glitterstream site) - although this one currently features mostly unmodified Half-Life gameplay, it does offer multi-player lightgun capability, including the ability to run dedicated on-line lightgun servers (GunFrenzy is single-player only due to Quake2 architecture restrictions). However, please do not publicise this yet, as more work is expected on it fairly soon to bring it up to version 1.0.

glitter can be reached at gl@gl.tter.org.


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