hurts his back...

... but still manages to release gl.tter's Q2GUNFRENZY!-2- for download in time for Christmas!

adds 3 new ARCADE 2000 game modes to glitter's original
ACT LABS GS compatible lightgun Quake2 modification.

The new 1-player, 2-player and John Woo style 1-player modes feature glitter's revolutionary intelligent automatic camera system that moves through supported levels like classic arcade lightgun shooters, but tracks GUNFRENZY!-2-'s randomly generated monsters with ease for endlessly varied and highly dynamic gameplay.

Players will even be able to create their own 'missions' soon, complete with customised camera paths and scripted events.

The original Q2GUNFRENZY!, released on the 14th Oct '99 in version 1.0  under the >RIL_ banner, marked the first ever lightgun enabled First-person shooter game.

Its original 3 game modes, still available in GUNFRENZY!-2-, feature manual player movement control and the use of one of the GS guns to aim.  The addition of the automatic camera modes and 2-player option completes the genesis of a whole new game genre - the First Person Lightgun Shooter.

Full details (including downloads, screenshots, glitter's notes about the mod's origin etc.) are now on-line at the GUNFRENZY!-2- site.

Note that whilst the
ACT LABS GS PC lightgun system is required to play GUNFRENZY!-2-, anyone can download the mod and view the included demos to see first-hand how lightguns can revolutionise First-Person-Shooter games.

glitter can be reached at gl@gl.tter.org.

Web Authors/News reporters

Feel free to use any images/screen shots from the
glitterstream site for news reporting and reviewing - for other uses you must contact glitter first.

glitter is an independent 'developer' (though he hates the term). His name is always spelt with a lower-case g.

The exact mod title in plain text is Q2GUNFRENZY!-2-, or just GUNFRENZY!-2-.

please always link to http://gl.tter.org rather than the Frenzy site directly.

a pack containing glitter's animated logo for linking to the - glitterstream - web site is available here (other graphics are available on request).


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