Nov 26, 1999
releases lightgun-enabled Half-Life mod, 'gl.tter's HL-GUN!-'

gl.tter's HL-GUN!-, released today for download in version 1.0  under the >RIL_ banner, is the first ever single and multiplayer lightgun-enabled First-Person-Shooter game.

Written specifically for the ACT LABS GS PC lightgun system, HL-GUN!- features standard Half-Life gameplay with full GS lightgun/handheld support.

Single-player games can be played using the GS gun to aim/shoot and the handheld or keyboard/mouse to perform all other actions.

More importantly, for the first time lightgun-enabled LAN or Internet servers are also possible.  Servers can be configured to allow lightgun players only, or a mixture of lightgun and standard mouse keyboard players, an experiment that looks set to create a lot of interest in the FPS community.

HL-GUN!- also includes a stylish, idiot-proof launcher front-end that allows easy configuration of all the GS system's buttons.

Full details (including screenshots, glitter's notes about the mod's origin etc.) are now on-line at the
HL-GUN!- web site.

glitter's other lightgun mod, gl.tter's Q2GUNFRENZY!, has also been updated to version 1.0a to correct a conflict with the new HL-GUN!- release.

A full 1.0a download as well as a patch from 1.0 - 1.0a are now available from the - glitterstream - site.

Web Authors:

feel free to rip any graphics/screenshots directly from the site (for reviews or news reporting only).

always link to rather than the HL-GUN!- site directly.

a pack containing glitter's animated logo for linking to the - glitterstream - web site is available here.

glitter can be reached at


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