Feb 13
releases v1.00 of free C++ wiimote library WiiYourself!    

    The first non-beta release of gl.tter's free WiiYourself! native C++ wiimote library for Windows is now available at http://gl.tter.org.

A demo of a wiimote-enabled version of gl.tter's intelligent lightgun shooter
Quake 2 conversion Q2GunFrenzy!-2- can also be viewed at the site.

WiiYourself! is the most feature-rich and mature wiimote programming library currently available. Game developers, modders and enthusiasts can now easily add full wiimote support to their own programming projects:
  • supports multiple Wiimotes
  • supports Nunchuks, Classic Controllers & Guitar Hero peripheral (with reliable connections)
  • reads battery / buttons / acceleration / IR (4 dots) / triggers / joysticks (with deadzones)
  • estimates orientation (including Pitch and Roll)
  • can set LEDs & rumble (with optional async duration)
  • supports all Bluetooth stacks (auto-detects output method)
  • (experimental) speaker support (square wave & sample playback!)
  • supports polling or callbacks
  • detects connection loss / breaks
  • threaded to multitask smoothly
  • extensive debug output.
     RIL 2008